About the Book

“Ellen has an extraordinary ability to capture the messages for children about the process of this illness and its treatment. She does this important task using a voice that (respectfully) represents how children actually experience their world – having important serious matters interspersed with moments of curiosity and wonder as they naturally continue to grow, learn, and play.  I would whole-heartedly recommend this book to the families I see in my practice.”

— Izetta Smith, M.A., Cancer Counselor and author of A Tiny Boat at Sea: How to Help Children Who Have a Parent Diagnosed with Cancer

Mommy’s Cancer is appropriate for children ages 3-10.

It is perfect for the book collections at child care centers, school and public libraries, hospitals, cancer centers, hospices and counseling centers.

All profits from the sale of Mommy’s Cancer are donated to organizations that support families fighting cancer.

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