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  1. This heartfelt and moving literal work of art is perfectly designed for the child who finds their self in the particular circumstance of parental cancer. Mommy’s Cancer is easy-to-read and understand, provides insight and hope, and is beautifully illustrated by the author’s niece. Highly recommended for any child who has a family member or close friend fighting the disease.

  2. john says:

    This link is to a review of the book at

  3. cat says:

    I just received the copy I ordered of Ellen’s book and I was impressed with how it was written – my daughter who it Lirit’s age read it and we talked about a lot of “life”. I found it particularly interesting and comforting to know that she admitted to being “cranky” at her family but then apologizing. That one page goes a LONG way to relieving the guilt many parents have felt when they are going through ‘stuff’ and can’t always be perfect. Ellen’s life has impacted a LOT of people. Thank you!

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